COACHES: Make sure your account is associated with your team


Six-man master
If you coach a team that we cover (all Texas Six-Man football teams) there are a few things we have to make your life easier, but only if your account is associated with your team.

For starters, you'll have a "Coaches" tab in the main navigation. This will have links to your team's overview and schedule pages so you don't have to go to schedules and type it in every time.

For scheduling, when you add a game to your team's schedule, it won't need to be approved. When you add it, it'll show up immediately.

Also, with scheduling, you'll be able to edit and/or delete games that already exist in your schedule. Again, with changes that update instantly.

There are also several other things planned in the future to help coaches.

If you still haven't gotten your account associated with your team, shoot me a message to let me know what team you represent. All the ways I can be reached are listed here:
Just wanted to bump this up as a reminder to coaches to let me know what team you're coaching so I can associate your account with your team. This is not something that's publicly viewable anywhere on the site but will make your life easier, and give you access to some new things coming in the future.

It also makes it easier for me to find someone to contact when/if I have questions about a schedule, score or etc.
Mike, not sure if my account is associated with Covenant Classical or not.

Yes, you're associated.

For others wondering, if you see a "Coaches" tab in the main navigation that links you to your team's overview/schedule pages, I've got you associated.