NFL Playoffs

I joked to a friend at halftime that Tebow was on his knees, praying to the Lord to help him through the trials of the game and deliver the Broncos to victory.

A booming voice was heard through the heavens, "Gee, I'd rather not get involved in this one."

Anyway, God is a Packer fan.
lifegatesports":2z6nw8ow said:
Anyway, God is a Packer fan.

Now we all know God is a Cowboys fan. They even had the hole in the roof of old Texas Stadium so He could watch the games.
Now, they have the retractable roof at Jerry World. They did that so the roof could be closed and He wouldn't have to watch it when they stunk up the field.
smokeyjoe53":2sl1c1ly said:
Is Lifegate on suicide watch?

I tried to shoot myself. Like the Packers receivers, I dropped the bullet.

I ain't seen anything so ugly and scary since the Halloween movie triple bill over at the Bijou Theater. And it could have been much worse.