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I'm not sure if maybe I'm the only one, or not, but sometimes when I'm searching for a team's schedule it becomes relatively difficult because I may not know exactly how it's listed in the database. For example, if I'm looking for Allen Academy, and I don't know their name is listed as Bryan Allen Academy it may be difficult to find.

So, I'm wanting to change the way we find schedules, but I'm not sure if this method will work on everyone's browsers. That said, I've created a test page so folks can play with it and see how they like it.

-- This feature has been implemented so the test page has been removed. --

There, you can type any word that is a part of the team's name and see the results for that word. For example, if I type the word "allen" it will pop up Bryan Allen Academy, or any other schools that have the word "allen" in their name.

This does take a little more work out of us, because we have to type something into the box to show anything, but I think it might still be quicker than trying to find a team that isn't listed exactly how we think it should be.

Please, everyone, check out that page and let me know whether you prefer to choose the schools from the drop down list, like we do now, or if you prefer the method of searching for the team name.
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This is now the default way to search for schedules on the schedules page. The test page has been removed.

Please let me know if there are any issues with it and I'll try to get it fixed.