new rules for 06-07

New rules for Golf.<P>Contained herein are the new rules for golf promulgated by the University Scholastic League for the 2006-2007 season. <P>1) In order to make the game go faster, a referee will now officiate all matches. Said referee will be required to use an industrial strength cattle prod with a voltage of not less than 22,000 volts. This may be used at his discretion to encourage slow golfers. <P>2) In order to provide more excitement for the spectators, all players will be required to dress out in a full football or hockey gear. A player from the opposite team will be designated before the match as the roving hitman, and will be allowed to put a full tackle on the active golferat any time of his (hitman's) choosing. No opposing golfer may be singled out more than twice per match. The hitman is not allowed to hit the active golfer if he has already started his swing. To do so will be a 10 stroke penalty. The active golfer will be allowed to use his club to protect him(her)self.<P>3) To provide cover for the roving hitman, the standard golf course will need to plant bushes of not less than 3 feet tall within 10 feet of every hole.
4)An illegal swing while in a hazard results in an opposing teamate's permission to drop kick the opposer in the hazard.<P>5)When hit out of bounds, the opposing teamate may have permission to break one of the opposers clubs over his head.
It would be nice to get some real information on the changing rules in golf for this year!! Your jokes are funny haha, but lets hear the rulings.
Dude its FOOTBALL SEASON NOBODY!!!! CARES about golf right now!!!!!!!!! wait about 3 months :D