New cup courtesy of the Miami Warriors


Six-man master
I thought this was a very nice gesture so I wanted to share it here.

Early this month a lady (I won't say her name but I'll confirm she is a member of the site) emailed me saying she had a cup to send me and wanted my address. Yesterday I finally got around to checking my post box and was happy to find the cup I've posted below.

With the cup, was the following letter:

Thank you for all you do bringing 1A sports into the spotlight and recognizing the small school athletes, who are often overlooked. I know the Miami Warriors truly acknowledge and appreciate the hard work you clearly put in. It does not go unnoticed. Here is to an amazing and healthy 2023-2024 sports season for not only our Warrior athletes but to all their competitors, coaches, family, friends, and the media/fans who support all their efforts. Without all of them Friday Night Lights would not be the same.



Truly a classy move and one that is much appreciated by me. Thank you, again, to the Miami Warriors! Love the cup, and the note!