nearing the end of the regular season


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well its all here...

start out with my game of the week

milford vs. coolidge looks like a this could shape up to be a good game.. im taking coolidge

morgan vs bynum this is for first and second in district.. ive seen them both and not much to go on here ill take bynum

three way vs walnut springs this could be for second place in district speed vs slow hmm ill take three way for a shot at the playoffs

well iredell vs gap isnt going to happen cause iredell has an injury bug going through and cant field enough so they forfeit to gap.. oh well i was taking gap in this one anyway..

One _pac2018

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Edward Golden":n8nc7plc said:
Walnut beat Iredell last week.
I’m sorry golden . I looked at it wrong . What happen to Iredell ? I mean they were in the mix last year and now can fill a team ? Did they loose a bunch of kids to injury’s or graduate a big class ?