Lorenzos Throwers?????


11-man fan
Did Lorenzos Robert Ramos and Andrew Martinez graduate already. Andrew Martinez put on an impressive and competitive performance. He threw very well, but what happened to Robert Ramos, he didn't make the finals in Regionals and went to state the year before, what happened there? If Andrew has one more year, I believe he will make it to state, no doubt. What do you think?
Unfortunately they both graduated. They were two very good throwers. Robert ended up with senioritus. He just wanted it to be over I believe. Andrew on the other hand worked very, very hard and was about 6 inches from making a trip to state. His 2nd throw in the finals hit about 152', but hit the out of bounds marker. This is all very reliable info because I was the head track coach at Lorenzo the past two years. Lorenzo will not be as competitive as a team this year. They have one good long distance runner, and very good triple jumper who will also win the 200. That will be about it, especially if John and Travis end up not running this year. Good luck to all of them if they do though.