It's time to talk about it


Six-man fan
First off, congratulations to Westbrook on going to the state championship back to back to back. In the interview, Coach Matlock said something that I've been saying, but for stunned me when he said it. This current class doesn't know what it's like to stop playing football before Thanksgiving. This class is officially the winningest class to come from Westbrook. 4 Regional Final appearances, 3 State Final appearances and potentially a 3 peat state championship. After next Wednesday, they'll either be 50-8 or 49-9. And the crazy thing is, next year's class can be better than this year. We might be talking about a early 2020s dynasty in Mitchell County.

On an unrelated note, to Coach Matlock and staff, to the players, to the fans, I'd like to personally thank the Westbrook community. After time I see y'all in Arlington, the only thing I get is friendliness and hospitality. I can't to see y'all again in a few with my cowbell (after an interesting interaction with TSA).