It's Almost Time


Six-man expert
We've been arguing for weeks about who will win this district. Well, it's almost time for us to find out. IMO Aquilla is still the team to beat, but this is a tough district and anything can happen. I hope all four teams play to the best of their ability. Keep the fans on the edge of their seats. I wanna see some nail-biter games!
I think which ever team wants it more will come out on top. All four teams have talented players. I think Abbot and Aquilla have a deeper squad and this will give them an advantage. The team that worries me as an Abbott fan is Bynum. They seem to play with a lot of heart. I remember watching a Abbott vs Bynum JV game about three years ago. Bynum only had six players on the team because of injuries. Abbott won, but Bynum never stopped playing hard. These are the same players that are now juniors and seniors and are on this years team for Bynum.
Sense the beginning of the season, I've been saying Bynum was the wild card team. Those young men do play with lots of heart, and with their current coach has improved them as a team. They can't be counted out.