Issue: 6 man teams playing on 11 man fields

After overhearing some guy that marked the field for the BC game, an issue with marking the turf fields is they are limited to chalk that can easily be blown off after the game. They chalked it several times. Well, the wind WAS blowing! Chalking on turf is even hard for everyone. I have seen missed calls and late hits just because you cannot see the lines in the last few years. Someone also mentioned the number markers on the sideline and they kept blowing over and blowing sideways. The wind has been an issue for sure on this.

I agree with those that say these 6 man games must be played on 6 man fields, but, I think the seating is just not there right now at any 6 man fields for the big games.
Are any of these schools able to build or furnish that kind of stands? They could bring in big bucks if they could. The parking would also be difficult at most all of these stadiums.
Reality blows. It's not just seating that's necessary when constructing a facility. Bathroom facilities, concessions, parking, lodging, you get the picture............
Moneymaker? I don't think so. Estimated cost to build a 16,000 seat stadium? 60 million. Take a lot of Frito Pies to pay for that. Even cutting that in half or more is not feasible. Wish it were..............
Zephyr and Trent both have turf fields made just for sixman. Both are phenomenal. I think Zephyer has better seating.
As for playing on 11 man fields, I agree. I made my first trip to Moody this weekend where the Tapps state games are played and while the facility surrounding the field were great I was disappointed with the field itself. Rechalked to the sixman dimensions(faded but that could be due to the cat 5 winds) and you could still see the 11 man chalk. The temporary goal posts were akin to a couple of parents holding their arms up. But you play where they send you. And since we won and are playing for the championship there this Saturday, Moody will have the best looking six man field in the state.
Hico does a great job hosting sixman games. The field was repainted to sixman dimensions, and temporary goal posts were placed on each end. IMO, their efforts left no room for confusion.
Haven't been to Trent. Been to Zephyr. They can seat maybe 1200? For the state double header what are they averaging, 7500-10,000? Maybe more. My point is, like it or not you can't drop 10,000 people into a small community and not expect problems. Most law enforcement in such areas would be overwhelmed...........
Didn't think of that Smokey. I'm on the private side of sixman so don't have that big of crowds at our games. Heck, if we just get mentioned on the news or in the paper were elated.
I think for the larger games, you have to look at some of the 11 man fields.

However, there has gotta be temporary paint that can be used to make lines on turf fields; not sure if it's "economical" to do in this instance, but considering that there was a field that we looked at renting a year or so ago and the AD/HFC telling me that they normally hired a crew to paint their grass field every game for $450 (and we're talking a 2A UIL school, not one of those big boys), I wonder what can be done within reason, especially now that we're in the late rounds of playoffs. When you do double-headers like has been done at some of the UIL games, perhaps that can spread the cost over a couple games.

I think two things that can be done at 11 man fields is that a contrasting color can be done for the sideline -- and perhaps a wider line than the usual 3" or so stripe. Also (and this WASN'T DONE in Abilene for the UIL finals ... it was confusing), placing the yard markers about 1 yard behind the 6 man sidelines gives some sort of a perspective to the field.

We played our first five years of six-man ball renting a field at a local (now 3A, although the field was built when 1A) high school, so I know of some of the problems you can run into.

Those of us on the private side of the street can do well with some of the better public school sixman facilities, but then again, many of us are on the east side of IH-35 and those facilities are on the west side. I really like Moody (2A) for the TAPPS finals, it's a beautiful bowl set-up. Only problems are locker rooms (only 2, but you probably aren't going to find a small field with more than that number) and a long, long walk to the concessions stand and refreshments (but I guess I can use the excercise).
Trent is a really nice facility....I think the more posing issue is like LIFEGATE says is travel. Azle and Arlington teams travelled three hours to play when they are only forty five minutes apart. Will TCAF ever consider moving the state game? is their any true sixman fields in DFW that can hold a 1,000 people?...........1,000 is more than enough but you get my drift
I don't think it matters if u chalk or paint the lines, if a kid is going full speed and crosses one line maybe he sees it maybe not, but does notice 10 more yards of green field and a white line to the east or west, late hits and unneccesary roughness are sure to happen. I think at the beginning of the games the refs should be sure to give warnings before throwing 15 yard penalties, and hope for no injuries. Coaching staffs should be sure and remind the kids to keep their gaurd up when running out of bounds, that the defensive players may be as unaware of the the out of bounds markers as their owne defense is at full speed.
Would covering the existing 11man lines with green chalk be too expensive? IMO, that would be the easiest solution. Also, the temporary sixman lines could be rechalked at halftime.
But if the hit happens behind his fellow team on the sidelines close to the TRACK then yes I think it is a hit out of bounds, and deserves a flag.
Nothing to do with the field or the markings. Well out of bounds. Should have been an ejection. IMO was a cheap shot that resulted in a player being injured. May or may not have changed the outcome of the game. But the BC player should have been ejected.
I've been thinking about the issue of changing turf fields to adapt to different sports. I think I have found a solution, integrating fiber optics into the turf, allowing you to "repaint" the turf to suit any sport, as well as changing logos at midfield and in the endzone. You would have different field designs and sport layouts pre-loaded into a computer system, say 11-man football, 6-man, soccer, and lacrosse. All you would have to do is use the computer to change the field layout. This would eliminate excess lines from other sports and any confusion that go with it. On top of the base layer of field layouts, you could then add layers of logos or advertisements. This would enable, for example, the stadium that the Jets and Giants share to go from one team's field layout to another at the click of a mouse, without having to go through the pain of repainting the field. I think this "Smart Turf" could revolutionize athletic fields and create truly and fully Multi-Sport facilities.
kbjoe1":17e2mdax said:
what if there was a carpet thar you could unroll along the sidelines

You know, this is an idea that could work. You see those turf covers over bench areas in the larger stadiums; but I guess the $64,000 question is how much?