Introducing Weekly Fan Polls


As previously stated in the new features thread, and based on what @Pdevitt13 did last season, I'd like to introduce everyone to our weekly fan polls.

Each week we'll start from scratch to see what members think are the top 10 teams going into the week. These polls will be picked based on division, and private school divisions are included!

In order to play, just head over to the fan polls main page, then click on "Submit picks". From there you'll simply choose the division you want to submit for and list your personal top 10 in order. Once you hit submit it'll calculate your picks then redirect you back to the main page where you can see all the fan polls for the week.

Since this is week 1, and because I'd like to make sure this thing is bug free before the season starts, the polls are open right now for week 1. However, starting with week 2, the polls will only remain open from midnight on Sunday through noon on Wednesday of the current week.

Please note that all picks here are anonymous.
A few tweaks I've added since the original posting.

When you've got the form pulled up where you list your picks, there is now a "Team list" button that will open a new page with the teams in that division listed by district.

Also, there is now an edit button to the right of each header bar that will let you edit your picks for that division without having to click the main "Submit picks" button, then choose the division.