Independent Bowl Series, questions and answers

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Questions and responses to inquiries:
How do we get an invitation? How are match ups determined? How are rankings determined, etc.
The Final Rankings on determines game day pairings.
Unlike UIL districts where only your district record determines your post season opportunities, the Independents are ranked based on every play of EVERY GAME.
It is not unusual for the final team rankings and match ups to be determined by the final games on the final game day of the season.
Strength of schedule, among many other statistics, has a lot to do with the Final rankings and team match ups.
Unlike UIL, where you start with the number one team from one district plays the number three from another district, etc., etc., in our Bowl Series Number 1, plays Number 2, 3 plays 4, etc.
This leads to better competitive match ups and games that at times are determined on the final play. You’ll never spend a better day than watching competitive football than the Sixman Bowl series in Baird, Texas, Veterans