I'm having this debate


That field and bleachers and baseball field were and still are very nice. That’s a lot of money just wasting away. Will there be games this fall or is it already being done away with?
Harvest played there games at Vista Ridge Middle School along with THESA. But TCAF played a state game there. Yeah pretty sad honestly.
The #1 stadium on my bucket list to go to “was” Sterling City. They went 11 man so I guess it has been redone. Go to google maps. Iredell is a neat field built for six man. Hico is 11man but you are still close. Milford, Calvert, Newcastle, Throckmorton, Union Hill, Leveretts Chapel, Goldberg, The Pasture in Bastrop, McDade, and I’m sure more. A few of these are old 11man fields and bleachers need to be moved closer but there is no track. These are grass but some are really good fields. Don’t know about this year with no rain. We need more listing of fields. Lots I have not made it to.
McDade is about to get Burton's old home stands with a press box. I can't wait. It still will not have a track around it. Come on out and catch a game!