High School Baseball

In answer to your question (and your probably going to get more than you asked for), there are 30 (+/-) sixman schools that field and play (Texas UIL) baseball. There are 32 districts in class 1A, with sixman schools represented in 14 of those 32 districts. Nearly all of the schools are west of I-35. They run as far north as Follet..as far west as Fort Davis and on down and across the Caprock through the Permian basin and on throug the Conch Valley.
As for how do they compete, in my opinion I believe they hold their own, all things considered. Follet made it all the way to the State Championship game about four years ago. Many of these schools like...Ira, Bordon Co., Northside, Gordon, etc. have won their districts in the past, and many do make it into the playoffs.
And when I say "all things considered", you have to realize it takes a great deal of energy and devotion by not only the kids, but the coaches and staff, becuase lets face it...in most sixman schools, by the time March and April comes around, these people are wore out. Most of these schools do well in football and their football season is extended, then it is straight into basketball, and most of the playoff quality teams end up extending the basketball season...and then whammo! now your running track and trying to get the baseball season underway, and lets not forget the other academic and non-academic funtion that happen at the same time....and again all this takes place with same kids and staff...A pretty amazing feat if you ask me.
I have had certain people ask if all that energy is worth it at the very end ofa school year. I say most definately....Even though I love sixman football almost as much as breathing, there is something special about watching a bunch of youngsters competing out on the diamond on a nice spring afternoon, with some watching from thier pick-up beds, to others in lawn chairs....entire comunities gathering to watch their kids and others kids in a truly great game.
As you can tell I am very passionate about Texas high school baseball, but equally passionate for the smaller schools that can and do make it happen. DH.
I played at Northside in the early years of the program. I remember having to try to get enough guys to play almost every week. Also, we had two pitchers...With two games a week sometimes, that hurt. My arm is paying for all those innings pitched now. We made the playoffs a couple times, but were blown away by 1A teams like Windthorst and Petrolia back then. Thanks for all the info. I was just curious how many other schools go through the same troubles to field a team for the great game.

I hear you on all the activities...after football and basketball, so many kids are either hurt, or just worn out to run track and play baseball.
I pitched against Northside in their first game of returning to baseball in 1994 when I was a freshman. They were pretty bad but they had like 14 players. I think we won 27-0. :cry:

I have heard that they were pretty solid in the late 60's though!
I was playing in the late 90's. We weren't that bad. We could hold our own against most teams in district, as well as JV teams from bigger schools in the area (Vernon, Quanah, Frederick, Davidson, Altus, etc.)
I graduated in 97 and we never played Northside again while I was there. They just weren't competitive enough, especially when we had to get ready for teams like IP and Graham. The freshman, on the other hand, might have played ya'll. I was moved up as a sophmore so I don't know who they played. I just remember that Northside wasn't very good my freshman year.
19bootleg said:
I was playing in the late 90's. We weren't that bad. We could hold our own against most teams in district, as well as JV teams from bigger schools in the area (Vernon, Quanah, Frederick, Davidson, Altus, etc.)

I played for Davidson at that time and Davidson has never had a JV. and is in fact smaller than Northside, this being said Northside never hung with us they entered our tournament and we beat them 19 to 1. just for the record.
ryan, seriously, we are the same age, and yall never touched us in baseball. we played yalls varsity in vernon and smoked yall. chris lee pitched, i think i hit one of the wall against him our freshman year. i coached baseball there last year and vernon run ruled us in 5innings. i dont think northside ever beat vernon in baseball, not even JV and def not varsity.
I think I am little older. I was a Sr. when ya'll were freshmen. My little brother played on that JV team and after talking to him he just said that they murdered Chris Lee and then he said ya'll put in Casarez and it was really over then! Maybe you are talking about a little league team or something? :lol:
ryan, you know we are boys, we are same age, i wasnt playing at that point? i played baseball every year, got moved up to varsity during my soph year. i agree with hogcaller on all that about baseball.
If I recall, I believe even Harrold used to beat Northside in baseball pretty regularly.......until they ran out of players. I remember Chillicothe was pretty good too with the Blevins kid, Gordy, and Dallas.

I will say that here lately Northside has been pretty competitive in baseball and they have had pretty good runs in the playoffs, but to say that they even have a chance against a 3a team is proposterous! :lol:
By the time you were on varsity, they weren't sending you guys over anymore. They would run out the fresh/jv teams. I know we couldn't compete with 3A.

It doesn't matter. That was too long ago. Bigger and better things have happened since then.
Blevins was good. But, didn't do much after high school for all the hype he got. Gordy was great. Isn't he back in Vernon now? I know they were in Graham for a while.
i played baseball at northside my fresh-junior years. it was a joke. our coach sucked and playing baseball was a waste of time. i remember playing vernon 2 times, freshman year, and junior year. we lost both. as for harrold beating us, the years i played, they beat us 1 time. we went to the playoffs my freshman year behind chillicothe, soph year chillicothe won district and we lost to paducah in a playoff. and my junior year i think harrold was the only team we beat. knox city and paducah made it out. but baseball was a waste at northside. we had like 2 non district games and then district. practice was run by us as our coach was either at home or in his car.
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Like I said, there is no way Northside ever beat anybody from Vernon in baseball! Maybe Track! :wink: