Great Season

Want to congratulate the Amherst Bulldogs on a great season! These young men played with tremendous heart all year long. We appreciate the display of good leadership by our Seniors! We have an explosive group of underclassmen and we look forward with confidence to being in the "running" again next year. The coaching staff is to be credited with a fine job of character building and great sportsmanship throughout the year. Also want to say thanks to all the parents, the local fans, and all the area followers that supported the Bulldogs all year long. We appreciate KZZN radio for carrying the game live both over the air and on the Web. Our hats off to each and every one of you. We had a fantastic 11-2 season...losing only to a fine group of young men from Motley County. I personally wish them well in their quest for the State Championship.

BTW...I've attend many games over the years, as I'm sure many of you have as well, I am most impressed at the sportsmanship and camaraderie that these teams show at the end of the game as they shack hands, congratulate each other, and circle up for pray together. Folks...that's what it's all about in my book!

Kudos to the young men and their coaches from all our make us all so proud!

God Bless...
I would like to congradulate our athletes on a great football season. I have often heard it said that if your team is playing during the thanksgiving holiday then you have a pretty dang good team. It is an honor to coach young men that have integrity, great sportsmanship, character and above all the heart to never give up! It is my hope that the the desire to never give up will follow you on into the rest of your lives. I am so proud of the fact that a winning tradition has been re-established in a great way! A way that we as a whole (coaching staff and students) have been working so hard since the beginning of 2-a days and that is through hard work, integrity, character, sportsmanship and respect. We have truly been on the road to respect. I truly believe that you bulldogs have gained the respect that you so rightfully have been denied for the past several years. Not only because you are great players but because you are men of integrity, character and hard work and for that you should be proud! I wish Motley County the best of luck! You guys are a great ball club! Go and getem!
Blessings Coach Solis