Gordon vs Strawn


It's a better world when Gordon (50) beats Strawn (22)!

Enjoyed a great evening with my pops! Strawn Booster Club tailgate party moved to a pavilion with some good eats for a good cause. The rain was coming through in waves for 1 1/2 hours before the game. Stopped just before kickoff. Beautiful colors in the breaking clouds with a magnificent rainbow touching the eastern sky. 30 minute lightening delay at the end of the 1st. Another 30 minute lightening delay at the start of halftime. Slow drizzle started late in the fourth. The field drained pretty well considering the heavy rain overnight and again today. Really sloshy in the first. Not as bad in the second. Player speed picked up in the third. By the fourth, it was just a wet field. Hats off to the field for its remarkably good condition. Game was very well officiated. Good crisp pace to the game's flow.
Gordon started slow as they have all year. Still not at full strength with their best overall player missing his second consecutive game. Strawn looked like they were getting their spread game going by running Allison in the second but Gordon adjusted their defense very well. Conditions hindered Strawn's spread passing game but Gordon had good success with their short passing game from tight. Gordon's best play was a fluke. Pitch back to Mackey for a quick kick on 4th was muffed, he found a receiver for a short dump off who went down the sideline to the one. It was their night.


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You are right, I remember being on the visitor side that year, forgot I was a temporary Strawn supporter at that time.

Oh man... you just said that on the message boards :)
Kid went to Strawn that year, kid wins.

I was just about to ask if you were dating a Strawn girl that year. Not the first time a kid from one or the other went to the other. Or one from the middle (Mingus) had to chose. I think most of us have rooted for the other when the home town was having a bad year (but not tonight) or eliminated. I rooted for Gordon last year in the playoff's.

You youngsters are more tolerant than the 60's and 70's eras.....


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Thank's for the compliment but I'm no youngster. With age I've grown more tolerant than I was in the 60's and 70s. I'd never heard of Strawn in the 60's. In the 70's it was a town we passed through once or twice on the way to Possum Kingdom (usually went through Mineral Wells) but I never noticed the name. I did somewhere in the 80's and a gal I met was surprised that I'd heard of it much less been through it. That was 27 years ago, she introduced me to six-man, we're still together.