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Tyler Ethridge here.

I have had this vision in my heart for some years now. Thought I would share to see the type of feed back I would get from it.

I will finish my third year at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado in May of 2017.
For third year I have been focusing on the Practical Government course that they offer here.
Here's a link: ... government

Being an ordained minister, and furthering my pursuit in the ministry, as a way of investing back into the Sixman community, I have thought about touring the small towns of Texas to minister the gospel, share my personal experience as an athlete in Sixman, and perhaps do motivational speeches and minicamps. I would like to collaborate with the local church and athletic directors in hopes to create unity between the church community and the public school systems again. I know this can be controversial. Its not my intention to cause offense. I do believe the Bible needs to be back in our schools. As well as prayer. I'm willing to fight for this. I know this segregates me from a lot of communities and opportunities. I'm willing to accept that.

I'm a follower of Christ first, then a state title holder and national record holder second.

Again, I'm sharing this to see what type of feedback I would get from it. I still have seven months to go with the Practical Govt school. My focus is entirely on this right now. But if I were to do this, would it be something of interest to any of you?

If so, please share the word with your local pastors and athletic directors, coaches, superintendents, etc.
Also send me a private message. I would love to talk in more details.

God speed as the playoffs begin!


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It sounds like you have been called. I learned a long time ago to listen when he speaks. The communities that make up the six man nation....has God in them and around them and it is why I kept my kids at a sixman school. Good luck to you!


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Tyler, super idea stud. I don't think it will be difficult to open doors at many schools. Public schools have been hosting faith organizations forever. Do you remember how Cisco invited the group of strongmen to hold an hour long strength and pep rally for faith. Yes, the official presentation was anti-drug and alcohol, but the mechanism for their foundation was Jesus. It was an amazing show of feats of strength and personal testimonies. All were invited to the gymnasium down to a certain grade, and anyone who did not choose to attend met at the auditorium. They held it both years we were there.

Remember the guy who ripped apart a huge phone book and another kid squeezed open a can of coke, spewing it all over the front three rows. And another guy asked out 400 lb football coach to sit on his back while he did five pushups.

Places like RS and Follett I know would welcome you. The huge role faith plays in those programs is deep and genuine. Think about the way we approached every workout and game at RS, with prayer and player testimonies, Bible scripture reading and t-shirt scripture. Its already welcomed there. At Follett we did many of those as well. The Methodist church is strong, was strong in the lives of their students both during and after school hours. While there I agreed to dismiss our football practices early on Wed. nights so the the boys could attend youth services at the Filling Station. During the summers we met for summer workouts after they met on Wednesdays, many times.

Great idea. Go do it. Your a planter my boy.


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I for one would be glad to see you come to Chillicothe and do this. It is an exciting idea, and I agree with you 100%. Feel free to come visit anytime you want. We are in the process of jumpstarting an FCA program here in Chillicothe and need all the help we can get (from anyone). Best of luck to you,

Coach Miller
Chillicothe ISD
Athletic Director
Young man I watched you play six man football for four years in RS there is not a doubt in my mind you can do anything you put your mind to. God Bless