Give credit where it's due.


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I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Mike for all the work he has done to fine tune this message board since he took the reigns. Also a BIG thank you for saving this format for the masses of fans of the sixman game. I notice the usual grousing about "my team isn't ranked where they should be' and also somewhat about the spreads for particular games. Sometimes your team may be under-ranked and for a variety of reasons. There is a lot of guesswork in putting rankings together at the start of a season, and depending on outside info that may or may not be accurate is part of the equation. All-in-all Mike has done a wonderful job, has the spreads linked to the past histories of the teams as well as the schedules. The site is functioning as it did in the past and I for one am eternally grateful that Mike has taken up the mantle to continue this endeavor.


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I was worried here in the oldfolks home. Thank you Mr Mike for keeping this site going. This is an every day, four or five times, read. My brother and I are planning a three day trip in the near future to watch a few games. Thanks again Mr. Mike because with your work we are able to find where everyone is playing and the results.