Fredricksburg vs Duncanville - who's the winner?

Who's the winner? Fredricksburg or Duncanville?

  • Duncanville Christway

    Votes: 20 54.1%
  • Fredericksburg Heritage

    Votes: 17 45.9%

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11-man fan
Impressive wins for both teams tonight and they head for a showdown in Moody next week for the state crown in Division II. Fredricksburg will be the favorites, but who do you think will win?
Wow. No one is posting about this game. No posts to flame one team or the other.

It sure is quiet. Maybe too quiet.
Well allow me to make some noise. Koby Burns is too fast. I understand that Freddy like always is playing great and should be placed high in the stratosphere in terms of DII football, but this kid is incredible. Christway will have trouble stopping Freddy and their powerhouse offense, but the way that Christway is moving the ball right now, the Eagles should find themselves with the same fate. Look for Senior leader Brian Lynn to keep Christway close, and for Burns to break a few at the end of the game to put the boys from D-ville on top.
I believe that Coach Shipman will figure out a defensive scheme to slow Burns down, if not stop him cold. It will then be up to the other offensive weapons on D'Ville to step up and play. At this level, the "one big man" teams are already out. D'Ville is not a one trick pony team. But they will be playing against a super defense. Coach O'Conner has a tough job ahead of him.

Heritage has the advantage due to defense, experience and expectations. Will D'Ville be able to step up their game? Guess we have to wait until Saturday to find out.
IF it a barn burner Duncanville win 80+ point in last 4 game each or who has the best kicker?
I think the kicking will be a big factor.
No matter if Freddy schemes to stop #3 or Christway scores alot, this game is going to be a very good championship game and well worth the money to come out and see. I hope to se the stands full of cheering fans, the sidelines filled with Christlike players and coaches and a game that will be remembered as one that gave all it had and its money worth.

While the spread has Freddy a big favorite, I think this game will come down to a few points and that always makes the kicking game so important. Bring on Saturday!
I think that Christway has the better kicker in #18 he has a very strong leg and deadly acurate he is going to be the game turning player for christway. Can't wait for saturday go chaps.
It looks like Heritage only missed one kick in their game against Brenham - that's great kicking. Don't see any advantage for D'ville there.
It's around 11:30 and all the planning is done and the players are laying somewhere near their bed's (I hope) and I have had a chance to reflect on the topic heading. "Who's the winner?" I can only speak for myself but I'm sure that Coach Shipman would agree with me that both teams, both schools are the winners. Trying to convey to teens how they have picked up the spirits of all those around them is a little difficult now but they will get it when they see the fans at the game. This may be old hat to Coach Shipman and Fredericksburg but I have seen smiles on some people that have needed to smile for a while now. A mother of one of our high school girls came up to me and said that she had registered and voted on sixman and that she could not wait to go to the game. I was dumbfounded, people began telling me how many people they invited to the game and began buying CWA spirit stuff and their spirits seem to have been lifted if even a little.
God began to speak to me that if a simple game can raise hope in people of a chance to feel good or to be a part of something special how much more should I be telling people about Jesus and giving them a chance to change their lives forever.
No doubt that tomorrow is important, I am just amazed at how God uses these times to give me perspective on the real life changing events in our lives. As I look back on the year I want to thank all of you who have been a part of this football journey of life at Christway Academy, the phone calls, emails and visits have been really special .
Coach O'Connor
As a relative of a student at Christway, I hope they win, but I think that the lack of class exhibited by their player on a consistant basis, over the last several years will cost them dearly. I truly believe that Christway has the players to win, but the coach has lost control over the team. The boys run wild at Christway, and give no respect to others. When their girls lost at the state semi-finals this year in volleyball, the boy broke into gleeful laughter. So much fo Christlike behavior!!
having played under coach O Conner I can say that he is a great example of Christ like behavior. Look at the improvement that Christway has shown through the season and tell me that he is just some helpless coach that has no control over his players. Difficult kids will be difficult kids no matter who is coaching them. The vast majority of the Christway players are class acts and that is a reflection on their great coach.
My point exactly, b4whofan. You are a guy, and as such had the run of the school. Concessions made for you because you played fotball. You probably weren't even aware of the special treatment because it is the norm. Yes Coach OConner is a good man with good intentions, but you know of the road paved with good intentions.
Sir coach,
I will have to agree with b in defending Coach O'Connor. Having played against his team 3 times and seeing him coach basketball multiple times, I have to say that he just works with what what he has. From my perspective, he has an emotional bunch of guys on the team and at the school. Sometimes these emotions can get away from a player, giving the impression of what seems to be a lack of class. This is no fault of a coach, but merely the acting out of a teenage young man. Coach O'Connor plays to the strengths of his guys. They're an emotional bunch so he gets them excited about games and lets them ride that emotion into games. It's like Mack Brown giving Vince Young the reigns to the team a few years ago, changing the policy about music in the locker room before games and during practice sessions. He allows guys to get excited because that's the kind of team he has. Some teams (Fredericksburg comes to mind) thrive under an almost military system of coaching. That does not work for some teams just based on the personnel they have. Coach O'Connor controls his team, just not in the way that others do. He does what he can with the players he has to win football games. And he has really turned that team around. They've always played with a lot of underclassmen and he has really turned that program into one that looks like it can win year in, year out. Having known Coach O'Connor for a few years, I would tell you that he is a great coach as well as a great man who has been doing great things over at Christway.
Sir coach a lot, I did not attend Christway. I played under coach O Conner during the all star game. Just to clear that up. I had the opprotunity of playing against coach O Conner all through high school, and I have great respect for the man.