Flagler (CO) story in the Denver Post

Shows the class of 6 man teams..More than a sport, a family. Coached in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Montana. Six man teams and towns are fans of their kids, but still show great respect for the other kids. Both of these school showed class and demonstrate what is right about America and especially six man football.
Flagler Colorado?

I just read this story and it really touched my heart. My family has a lot of connections with Flagler. My mother went to school there graduating some 52 years ago. When my mother passed and I started going through her things I found a scrap book from when she was in school. She kept a ton of newspaper articles including one where her local team won the state championship in 6-man football. She never mentioned this to me. I guess she did not make the connection about her school and our school in Gordon both playing 6-man.

When mom was in school in Flagler an air show came to town. A plane had a mishap and crashed into a group of students killing several of her class mates.

My brother was born in Flagler back in 1960 and my grandmother and grandfather are both buried there. It is a great little town which is what you would expect with them being 6-man.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the team and the family of Lance Rodwell, it is always sad to lose one so young.

Yes, Flagler, Colorado!

They had a tough season this year. It didn't seem like the players' hearts were into the season. With Lance's death and dropping enrollment, it sounded like they didn't have the numbers like they used to. But they have great kids and they'll recover. Please keep them in your prayers.

As if one death wasn't enough for the Colorado six-man community, there was another one involving the Eads, CO football team: http://www.denverpost.com/search/ci_19164001. One of the players for Eads was one of the fatalities in this accident, and other player was out for the season. Our team played Eads in the first round of the playoffs, which was about three weeks after the accident. The town was still in shock.

In both games, our head coach told our kids to take a knee on the first offensive play to show respect for the loss of the player. I appreciate Coach Miller from Pikes Peak Christian for showing a unique sign of class. Especially for the Eads community, they understood and appreciated it. I hadn't seen a coach do that before, but it's a good thing. The Eads team did the same thing for the first offensive play on their drive as well.

Please keep the Eads community in your prayers as well.