Fire in Strawn/Mingus/Gordon area


11-man fan
We had a real scare today. I was in Dallas at the VA for a medical appointment when we got a call that they were getting ready to evacuate Strawn and Mingus. It seems a fire had broke out and was heading toward the two towns. I cancelled my appointment and we headed home. The wind changed direction while we were on our way back and helped put a stop to the danger. They were looking at calling choppers in at one point to help put it out but the wind was to high for the choppers to do any good.

The electricity did go off for Strawn, Mingus, Gordon and I hear for parts of Santo and Palo Pinto Lake. It just came back on a few minutes ago, 11:00PM Thursday.

This was a real scare for everyone around here. Did a lot of praying as I know many others did and thanks to the grace of God no one was hurt and no major property damage was done.

I would like to say thanks to all of those that helped get the fire under control, we would be lost without all of you.