Favorite Six Man Memory

2000 Area Round in Haskell: Trent vs Woodson
I had watched Woodson play Guthrie the week before and saw Rocky Miller just torch the Jaguar defense. He made it look effortless with strides that looked like 5 yards apart. So, I thought he would do the same against Trent. I had never seen Trent play so the drive seemed worth it again from the West. Boy was I wrong as far as Rocky Miller running through the Gorillas defense. The Gorilla defense, with Albert Booker, kept him contained and ripped the ball from him or a teammate on the last play of the first half and returned it for a TD to end the game. I was on the Woodson side and we all were stunned in silence and disbelief.
I've written about my favorite several times. 2003 State Semi, Strawn-Richland Springs, last play, rushing the field.

How about a second favorite, and a not so favorite, both from the 2008 State Championship game in Lubbock. This is also where I bought a Pink Camo cap from Granger, primarily to support this site, for my wife, who wore it I think once.

The not so favorite I've never shared was the last play of the game. Strawn was in victory formation with 3 backs around the QB ready to take a knee. One player on the other team lined up a little wide, and came blitzing full speed to knock the All State MVP Johnny Abbott on his ass. Then trotted away to his side of the field. Strawn beat the other team in the first game of the year, and the last game. I see their frustration. But that was one of the worst cheap shots I've ever seen. We went and celebrated, I forgot about it, for the night. Forgive me, glad to get that off my chest, stuck in my craw a long time.

After the game we could actually walk onto the field and congratulate players and coaches. Doing so coach Dale Pustejovsky was standing several yards away from the celebration watching as I approached to shake (first) his hand. He almost fell on me giving me a big hug, saying one word, "Finally".
My favorite sixman memory was The state championship in 2009 at Abilene shotwell stadium. We had just started playing sixman ball at our school. I came home from work in Dallas where I had been up all Night on a busy shift. I picked up my two sons at the house and we made the four hour trip to Abilene. It was our first experience at a six man state championship and we took it all in. Borden County was playing in the Div 2 game and I remember thier kicker kicked a field goal. That was an experience because we had never seen an attempt before. The real surprise came in the Div 1 game when Strawn and Garden City went off for a combined 210 points in what would be the most interesting game of football I had seen in my life up to that point. The boys on both teams were literally crawling off the field in exhaustion after the game. Just getting to spend the time with both of my sons and the experience of our first state championship will forever be my favorite six man memory!