District 3 Race??

wild dog11

11-man fan
i know everyone has Fellowship to win it early but you got remeber notre dame easily beat them by 22 last year. i think they have the best shot but if anyone else does its brownwood. not to say arlingtons not a good team but i think its hype till they prove me wrong
District 3 will be a tough race! Being at FA for the past 3 years, I know those kids will be ready. Should be exciting. Good luck to all the kids and coaches.

Coach Peters
who coulda 45d who? i kno notre dame put in their second string against fellowship and brownwood gave ND a good fight but couldnt 45 em
my pick is brownwood to win district 3. fellowship and notre dame have excelent shots at it thow. it all depends on who shows up to play who and injuries are a factor
yea if they have gotten any better and i heard they got some good transfers. it will either be notre dame or brownwood as champs if both play how they can
yes but notre dame only lost 2 starters adn they handled fellowshiop easily, fellowship just got lucky in the last few minutes of the brownwood game and only won the tie bracker by 1 touchdown
why not give credit where credit is due. they won the district tie breaker. Now, this is a new year, lets just see how things play out.