Covering 1A Baseball: Playing Small Ball

Leman Saunders

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I have decided to try to cover 1A baseball this season and have sent out small questionnaires to most of the schools that would be classified in the 1A playoff bracket to help gather information about every team. Any and all help from coaches would be welcome as well as feedback.

The blog I have started as an outlet for this info is called "Playing Small Ball" and here is a link to it:

Since this year the UIL has made separate playoffs for 1A and 2A school (yet they are all in the same districts) I thought it would be a good time to start trying to cover 1A baseball.

I am learning a lot as I go and will probably make mistakes and a few errors this season so please bare with me and let me know when and how I mess up!

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Good deal. It would be better if someone other than me was writing articles. I might be a little biased for a team that wears red jerseys with Columbia blue numbers on them.

Blue Bird

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When you look at the number of byes in the first round of the UIL playoff brackets, it makes me think that there are less 1 A teams playing than I had earlier thought.

Who are the 2A schools in Bordon County and Ira's district and how did they fare against them?
If anyone needs a neutral site in the Brazos Valley Brenham/La Grange area,
Fayetteville SPJST has an EXCELLENT facility that is worth checking out.
They asked me to pass this information along.

Blue Bird

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Leman, Gorman has an interesting situation that might be worth a closer look. Their #1 pitcher is left-handed, I was told that their #2 pitcher is the same guy throwing right-handed. He gets 110 pitches per arm in the 4 day span.