Coach Profile: Josh Stanaland -- Jayton


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Josh Stanaland– Jayton
Head Coaching History: Jayton 2010-present
Head Coaching Record: 57-42
High School Attended: Jayton, Class of 2002
-Football in HS: Yes; OL/DL
College(s) Attended: Hardin Simmons; Lamar University (masters)
-Football in College: Did not play sports in college, but was an intramural stud.
Preferred Offensive Set: J
Preferred Defensive Set: 2-3

Q & A:
Leman Saunders: Who would you say are/where your coaching mentors?
Josh Stanaland:
My HS coaches were big influences on me - Daniel Fontenot, Austin Chamness and Danny Sloan. I was able to coach under some really good ones, too - Nathan Hayes, Jeff Shelton, and Jeremy Phillips. As a J-Bird guy, Mitch Lee has influenced me a lot. Vance Jones is another one who does great things in the J offense. Finally, my brother, John Stanaland. We spend a lot of time talking ball. I’ve stolen a lot of his J-Gun stuff.

LS: Has it been hard for you to go back and coach at Jayton, your hometown?
Josh: It hasn’t been hard to come back home to coach. It was a little harder when I got here and was 22 years old just because I hadn’t been gone for very long. Now, 12 years later, it’s really good. Winning here is a little more important because my kids are 4th generation Jayton Jaybirds. Our roots here run deep.

LS: If you could tell first year head coach Josh Stanaland something what would it be?
Always remember what’s most important. Winning is a lot of fun, but at the end of the day, use football as a tool to help grow those boys into good men.

LS: Is preparing for this game, coaching against your brother, any different than preparing for any other game?
No. Preparing for this game is no different than any other week. It may actually be easier just because the things that we do are so similar.