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Too bad there’s not more folks that think like you. However it’s not for the kids, and hasn’t been for a long time , it’s for the money, coaches, UIL, Districts, Divisions etc., etc. It hasn’t been for the kids in a long time and will never go back. When you start PAYING college athletes to play then how long before high schools join in and it’s all Legal?
It’s all about the money, follow the money and you will find that ugly truth. Not everyone in each category I named above falls into that mindset. It’s just that those that don’t are a dying breed. 12 Mighty Orphan stories, coaches and organizations are as rare and endangered as Whooping Cranes in South Texas.


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This is the way the fans should think, all about the kids. I didn’t like the politics involved in sports back in the 60’s and it has no place in these kids lives now. I didn’t think this was a political site. Don’t get political. I’m retired and have a lot of free time except for high school football time.

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I don’t think I said anything political but since you mention it, just look at the realities today. Look at school districts. All too often they are as political as Washington D. C. Those politics spread out from there, like throwing a rock in a still pond. The ripples go all the way to the shore. It’s supposed to be for and about the kids, but all too often it’s not. Look no further than the NEA and TEA, you’ll see all the politics you want. No
consideration for kids to be found.
Just saying.....,,,..


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Superjrj":1f795rnc said:
LBK6manFan":1f795rnc said:
Superjrj":1f795rnc said:
Just beating a dead horse with this discussion Nothing is going to change. Coaches don’t want it.
* Not True, opinion

Uil doesn’t want it

They do things they feel that the schools feel is most advantageous for their school.
* False
A miniscule number of small D2 schools would make the playoffs which is the dream of every athlete who participates.
*False, Opinion

Granted there are some perrinnal ones that can compete but that is a very small number.
*False, opinion
If UIL doesn’t want it WHY are there still two divisions
Schools most certainly do what they feel is most advantageous for their school or there wouldn’t be one division
Uil polls schools for input!! And the result is two division !
Just which D2 schools could compete in D1. Strawn. Richland. Gordon Calvert!
The facts are that the polls the UIL sends out come back the way it’s structured now. That’s a fact. Check with UIL
IF THIS IS A SCHEDULING PROBLEM then do like the D 1 schools schedule and meet halfway. All those schools mentioned were D2 in that 8 man district. All that was accomplished was travel

* Made a mistake when trying to quote in bold, my fault. The sentence was "Nothing is going to change, coaches dont want it, Uil doesn't want it". Meaning the the UIL doesnt want it to change, which is true.

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It is still about the kids. The more that have a chance to play, the better it is. So what if we have some mercy rule games. The larger schools need a mercy rule because they have quite a few blow outs. It is all classes that have strong and weak teams. Most go through a cycle. Thanks Shad for your input. I still wonder about the person that started this subject. His info states that he joined 11 days ago. Short time to be such an authority. He probably has several accounts and a different opinion on each one. We all have an opinion and mine is, let the kids play and us armchair quarterbacks let them play and support them.

* Kris Roach. I am very familiar with 6Man as I played it my whole life. Grew up in and graduated 2005 at Miami. Was fortunate enough to play for a HOF coach in H.S. and we faired pretty well with D2 numbers. Yes we lost to Valley in bye district in 03, but it meant more to us as team to compete in that bi-district game as the runner-up in from our district. Follett won our district that year and played a solid Mason Pierce led Patton Springs in bye district and ultimately lost to whitharral in the 2nd round. 04 we had Wheeler make the switch and when the turned in 99.5, oil boom hit and they had well over 115 in the school for the next 2 years in sixman. Yes they won our district but couldnt make it past the 2nd round for those 2 years they were in 6man.

*Shad, I like your take on it and leman explaining zones. So basically there would be 4 zones West/East making 8 districts total. That's probably the only solution at this point and yes the 4 teams going to the playoffs makes me cringe. I still have to go with Leman as a unified division would and does make district and playoffs more competitive as a whole.
-- Thank you for your opinion.

* Someone said earlier that all the teams mentioned in the hypothetical District 1 were D2 teams... I didnt realize White Deer, Claude, McLean, Miami, Happy, Valley were D2 teams?? I know Follett, Higgins, Groom, Lefors, Hedley were D2. Wildorado may have D2 numbers now but will move divisions very soon. Darouzzette would have D2 numbers most likely.

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One division or ten. Year in and year out, the same coaches and programs will be at the top in December. And the same coaches and programs will be following. Why is that?

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I can’t believe there is 9 pages of this . It’s football season fellas ! We don’t control the uil let it go . District is in play . Uil is staying the same I promise