Brownwood Victory Life vs. Arlington Fellowship

Well, Notre Dame hasnt clinched anything. If Fellowship goes in and wins by a certain margin, they will be district champs. Brownwood beat Notre Dame earlier in the season, so if they beat Fellowship, they are district champs.
to clear things up, Fellowship needs to win by at least 40, that is if I am doing my math right, to win district. if Fellowship wins by less, Notre Dame wins district if they can win their last two versus Wichita Christain and Joshua Christian. A Brownwood Victory win would put them as champs.
If what i heard was right, fellowship has to win by 27 to win district. if they win by 21-26 they get 2nd. if they lose or win by less than 21, they get 3rd. hope that clears it up. lol
Its too close to call, but if I had to make a pick I would say Brownwood because its at home. They are both solid squads and both will be formidable foes in the playoffs.
this was definately the most exciting district race in tapps division 2. the way i have it now, the standings will be
Champ- Arlington Fellowship
Runner Up- Wichita Falls Notre Dame
3rd- Brownwood Victory Life
4th- Wichtia Christian
5th- Joshua Christian
This game was the most exciting game I have been around. That's including the state game at Glenview last year and my years in high school, college, and arena ball. Those kids did not quit. We were up by 22 points with 3:45 left in the game. Brownwood did not quit, and it seemed that everytime we did something they had an answer. Thanks to everyone including Mrs. Collier, Pastor Scott, Coach Peters, Coach Harris, Coach Raley, Coach Moody, parents, and booster club members and BC president.
Well that was a real analytical and classy comment brother. And what school would you be associated with that you could make such a statement?

I believe from reading posts and researching the playoff teams that Fellowship is real young and either has no seniors or one senior. Being 1-9 last year seems to tell us that they are inexperienced. If they play sloppy, it's probably because they are young and inexperienced, duh....

Anyway, Let's keep the bashing to a minimum and support the team you think will win instead of bashing the team you may or may not have a grudge against. Cuz it sounds like you are from one of the four teams the last years 1-9 fellowship team 45'd this year??mmmmm...

I don't know, I'm just sayin......
If i remember correctly, fellowship has one senior. they run the spread very well, in running it and also in passing it. i think that they could do some unexpected things in playoffs. In my personal opinion they have the easiest road to state. But i would like to hear other peoples opinions on that matter
yes, you are right, we have one senior. the easiest road to state?, nothing is ever easy, there are a ton of good schools and competition. I am proud of our boys. God Bless Coach Harris, Coach Johnson, Coach Moody and our school as a whole. We didn't do anything without putting God first.
TheCommissioner":yulbcmar said:
In my personal opinion they have the easiest road to state.

If Fellowship makes it out of the first round, they'll have to run into a good Town East or the D4 RU, which isn't a bad district. Then, they will have to get through either Christway or the District 1 Champ (probably Amarillo Heritage or Lubbock CTK...both in the top 5 in the state) in order to get to the state final. Good luck with all that. Granted the bottom of the bracket has Freddy and Brenham to get through, not to mention a good Tyler Street team and the D1 RU. But, to me the top bracket is tougher.
I think it is rediculous to think that fellowship would get killed by anyone. They are a good team that continues to improve weekly.

By the way everyone thought Nazarene would be crushed by Christlife Prep and we know how that turned out!
Well then, why even play the game if they (Fellowship) don't even have a chance against tyler street or christway.
I remember a few years back, nobody gave us a chance against Freddy. We had already been beaten the week before by about 30 to a good Lifegate team, and Freddy had beaten them I believe. We were picked to be 45'd. But we came out and won the game 34-30. Thats why we play the game fellas. Maybe instead of saying someone is gonna win, you should say this team should win because..... and then give the reasons for your prediction.
Mr. Warrior does not represent anyone from our school. Coach Harris has his team playing inspired football in only one year. They will be prepared and ready for whoever they meet in the playoffs. I hope we do get to play them because that would mean that we would have survived the District 1 invasion that we will have to go through and that will be a tough road to travel. No one will have an easy time making it to the Title game this year.
Im sorry I really am I guess my emphasis was pointed the wrong direction with my comment...the way I put it was a negative towards the Fellowship Academy team and that wasn't my intention, I meant for the emphasis to be on the fact that Tyler Street and Christway are both good teams...and having played all three teams this season I do think that I am in some kind of position to put some speculation on the matter...I think Fellowship would have trouble with either of the opposing RBs and that would be the reason I would pick them over fellowship
I had to chime in if just for a moment and dispell any rumors about us.

Please understand something about Fellowship. We are young. I'm not just saying that to pull the ol' smok-n-mirrors act. We have one senior and that senior has never played football before this year. We have several starting freshman on our team.

For Fellowship to come from where we were, to where we are, to where we will be, is all GOD. No other reason, no other explanation needed. He is the reason because it sure ain't coaching.

We make mistake after mistake. That's a fact. However, we try to put GOD first in everything we do and I believe he has really been with us all year. We've won some, lost some, and 45'd some. However understand Fellowship was 45'd in all nine losses last year. We have not been 45'd this year! That alone was a goal at the first of the season. These young men have worked hard this year to do what seemed impossible at the first of the season. And may I say with all sincerity, We're just happy to be at the dance.

Whatever comes of the rest of the season is icing on the cake. We will compete, we will give our all, and we will honor Christ. That's what we'll do. And then we'll sit back and see what happens. Who knows, like it has been said over and over on this board, that's why you play the game.

Please by all means count us out. By all means count us down. I've been part of a team who was once thought of as insignificant and not ready for the big time. I love being in that position. After all, that's when God gets ALL the glory, when you can't explain it naturally.

Thank you for thinking of us and caring enough to post something about us, but really please don't give us any mind and I wouldn't even prepare if I were you.

God bless each and everyone of your seasons. For those who know me, I think you know I mean that and let's go have fun!

Coach Harris
Fellowship Academy