Broadcasting Games 2021


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To all six man football fans,

This season we are launching a campaign broadcasting 6 man football games. I will be interviewing both coaches early in the week and releasing a podcast of both coaches on Wednesdays. On Friday I will broadcast the games live via our website. I will film the game as well with commentating over the video. We will have the option to purchase the game film with the play by play commentating through our website but it will be free while the game is going on. I am wanting to bring a different dynamic to the game with media. We will be setting up a merchandise tent as well which will offer t shirts, game film requests and several other items. I am super excited about launching this for 6 man football and can't wait to begin the journey in August. I will be looking for games to follow as soon as the schedules are released. I would also love to see the rankings as soon as those are done as well. Does anyone know when the schedules will be finalized and where can I find these? Also if you know of any games that will be a must see please send it my way. Lastly, what are the classics or weekend games that are all in one place, example being the Jayton Football Classic, The Hico Weekend or any others that I just dont know about. Which of these extravaganzas do you know about or where can I find a list of the ones available. Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you
Jay Spitzer