Big week in TCAL lets pick'em


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There are alot of BIG games in TCAL this week let me know who you think will win.

Bell County Central Texas Christian Home School underdog to Williamson County Home School by 45Decatur Wise County Home School favored over Stephenville Faith by 7
SA Sunnybrook underdog to Corpus Christi Annapolis by 43
Waco Live Oak favored over Parker-Tarrant Homeschool by 23
Tomball Christian Homeschool underdog to Bastrop Tribe Consolidated by 17
Tyler King's Academy favored over Irving Faustina by 27
West Columbia Charter favored over Baytown Christian by 45

Should be some really good games.
Wow with 5 games that have spreads less than 45 it should be a really good week for TCAL games.
1 Williamson County
2 Decatur
3 Annapolis
4 Live Oak
5 Tribe
6 Irving Faustina
7 West Columbia
Those are my picks good luck to all!!
Tomball beats Tribe. It may be close, but having 40 players available as a team and 25-28 being able to suit up gives Tomball a distinct advantage. And keep in mind we're not talking about a bunch of slow, little guys, either . . .

And the Sunnybrook/CC Annapolis game will be a good one. Again, probably a close one. Too close to pick in my opinion.
I think Tribe will win a good game by 12 -15 point
Baytown Christian will put up more of a fight. In the end WC will win but I don't think it will be by 45.

Annapolis And Sunnybrook game willl be won by the kicker. Who ever hits the most extra points will win. I think it will be a very high scoring game. This is a huge game for this district and the playoff picture. In the end the winnner will be.........???!!!
Tribe losses QB in 1st quarter to injury, lost 3 onside kicks, a touch down called back because of a BOGUS call by the white hat and the rest is history! Tomball has a very good team. I cant wait until we play again! We were up 20-8 until our QB went down! NO excuses just some bad breaks! We lost and they played great! Very proud of the way my boys played to the end! Good luck to the Tomball Warriors! They will be hard to beat in the post season and so will we! Glad their DI :p
You want to talk about BOGUS. Then lets talk about the guys who stopped by Academy Saturday morning and bought a striped shirt and a whistle. Then decided to stop by Annapolis and call a football game. It was like halloween came a couple of weeks early. I have never seen anything this bad before. When you have a offical tell you he does not know the rule on that play so we will just replay the down. It just becomes a joke. Then they let about 2 min run off the clock during a injury timeout and tells u he did not look at the clock before the play so they are not going to put time back on it. Or how about the coach being able to come to mid field to talk to the ref about a call he does not like then they change the call. (Not just once.) Or he walks about 15 yards on the field between each play the talk to his QB about the next play. But the one that got me the most. The one thing that anyone who watches football on tv would know. We ran out of bounds and the ref told the clock keeper to run the clock because you can not run out bounds and stop the clock. He said you can only stop the clock if you are forced out. O yeah did I tell you that the head offical was 5'5 400lbs. How is he going to keep up with a game? I guess you can say I am a lil upset about this but hey I guess it's part of life. To bad our kids are the ones who had to pay the price for it. I'm not going to say this cost us the game but it played a huge part in it. We did give up 66 points but if you don't take the ball out of our hands and cut the game short maybe we do score 67. Who knows
I was just told that there is no rule in place that keeps a team from using "self certified officials" So if you have to play one of these teams good luck. What a joke
Hi spread14 - you have my sympathies - we lost to CCA fair and square with the mistakes we made and lousy defense at critical points but your points are well taken - sounds like the same group of refs that did our game - even the physical description - we also had time issue at end of half that cost us a touchdown after it was called back by an "inadvertant whistle" and then they screwed up the clock - same thing about coaches on field etc etc - it was not an official looking group of refs and there was only 3 of them for a tough varsity game - they need to fix that ref situation before it becomes a more serious issue
I'm sure it's the same crew. By the way CCA has a great group of kids and a great coaching staff. After the game he came up and apologized and wanted to know if there was anything he could have done different to make things better. The A.D did the same. I say that to say this. My anger is not pointed toward CCA or their coaching staff. Like I told him if I was allowed to do the things he did I would do it to. My real anger is with the people who allow these things to happen. The rule makers who do not have rules in place to keep these type of things from going on. I was thinking today " I have 3 friends maybe I should certifie them and go ref some TCAL games to make a little extra money."
hi again spread - I agree CCA is a good program and we have played them for quite some time - I just hope they get rid of this group of refs - just not professional in any way from what I could see and it could affect a game
Today it was brought to my attention that my post on this thread was demeaning to T*CAL. In no way was this my intentions. So I would like to take this time to apologize to T*CAL and anyone else who was offened by my post. I am a huge T*CAL advocate and all I want is to see great things for it and it schools.
San Marcos Homeschool over CC Annapolis by 45? The computer has a problem. These are two good teams that create some match-up problems for each other. It also decides 1st place in the district. I'm going with Annapolis in a close one.

By the way, River City Christian isn't playing Believers Academy again. They're playing against Schertz/New Braunfels John Paul II and they're coming in banged up a bit - a bunch of starters are injured. It may be a close one as well.

I expect the combined score of the Sunnybrook/Geneva game will be over 100 points. Both of these teams like to score often. Geneva has too many weapons - it should be Geneva in a close one as well.