Best of week 5 matchups?


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So a team who was 1-3 should be competing with all these teams? I get where you are coming from but you have to at least see where I am as well
From the Fence:

No one but you sees where you are coming from and that's perfectly OK, believe in your team just as everyone else believes in theirs. BUT Saying May will stomp all opponents with ease will come back to haunt you.....
Pretty sure a 2-4 team going into district last year proved that statement.


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I see a lot of arguing just for arguments sake on here. Why can't we just appreciate that many of the top teams play each other in non-district making for much more interesting games than the season would hold for us if they were to just schedule cupcakes. playing challenging schedules makes teams better. "Steel sharpens steel' so to speak. Westbrook lost four games in the season last year and still got the trophy at the end. I don't think there are 10 teams in the running but I do think there are a solid 6-7. That's D-1. D-2 is a smaller field.


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Gc could be tough or we could all just be filling our heads with air, Westbrook isn’t #1 shouldn’t have been ranked that. But them losing tonight will definitely shake things up. Back to the point, Westbrook almost lost Rankin.(heard the officials were bad) Rankin almost loses to Knox city the following week. Knox city was in a battle with Crowell tonight and went up by two touchdowns late in the 4th, and Crowell is not having a “great” year. Re-read that if you have to. Personally I think a lot of teams have brutal awakenings coming.
Rankings really don’t mean much in sixman football all I know is that Westbrook May Rankin GC KC are all going to be battle tested come playoff time can’t leave out Borden County come district time gotta love sixman though playoffs are gonna be good