Azle vs Community

Kind of a sloppy game. I will say that these two teams could play again in the playoffs. Mineral Wells quarterback is a better runner than a throwing quarterback. He is very difficult to bring down when he gets going. It did come down to depth, Azle kept throwing fresh legs in the game and that is what makes ACS very good. ACS had at least 3 touchdowns called back, so it could have been over at half. In order to beat ACS, teams will have to match there speed and depth. Its not rocket science. I do think ACS will play for the state championship once again.
I agree that it was not Azle's sharpest game. Penalties on Touch Downs hurt alot, and kept the game from ending at Half Time. Dropped passes, and a couple of rare fumbles didnt help either. The Community QB was very good, even after getting sacked hard early in the game. He just didnt have enough help.
If the Crusaders practice, and polish dilligently, a playoff game against this Community team should be over early.
First all it was a good game. Number 3 is fast but not to fast, he has moves. Now you guys don't know what is going on with the CCS players, for one thing we only had 7 guys, 7. Three of our guys are sick and were even throwing up in the game but still going out there and doing work. The QB has some kind of virus wrong with him that he has been fighting since week 1, with him in at 100% diff. game, with all our guys there at 100% diff. game and we will see that when we meet again.
Those 7 players that Community played with gave everything they had. Nobody is saying anything different. I hope both teams play again. I would think fans of both teams would want to see these teams play again. You have to admit, 3 ACS touchdowns were called back. Azle did not play there best, but did what they had to do to get the win. Good luck to both teams the rest of the season.
Azle came out and made alot of mistakes, with touchdowns being called back interceptions being thrown that were practically given to Community for free they didn't have to work for them, plus having some of our players go down on injuries. Azle should have 45'd this Mineral Wells team at half if they do meet in the playoffs it will be a another good game, Community has great players but even at that they are no match for the depth and speed of Azle. Not to mention the referees were garbage they could have gotten players from both sides hurt with their sorry calling. Good luck with the remainder of the season
"Azle Crusaders State 2010"

Way to put the Bullseye on your teams chest! Don't overlook Community if you play again,also I wouldn't look past Highpoint.Good luck to all in Division 2 this year,the playoffs should be interesting.

Coach Brian Rodricks
Nazarene Christian Academy
Coach Rod, I talk to a friend who knows the High Point Coach . The HP Coach told him that he would stop the twins at St. Paul and beat them. Im not going to count HP out, I seen St. Paul play and those Twins are for real.
Coach Rodricks - Bullseye? We are just confident in our boys ability to play the game, is it a possibility for an upset yes any given Friday night a team can win when they are picked to go down. We wish everyone out there best of luck and stay health
I would not count out any team that makes the playoffs. If ACS wins the championship, its because they earned it. I do think that they are the front runner right now and until someone beats them, most will agree with this. Once again, ACS just had more depth and speed to throw at Community. They did not play well, but that does happen in football. Who would have thought UCLA would beat Texas? Azle is good enough to overcome mistakes and they did just that Friday night.
I'll take you up on that game film.Our address here is 2001 east main street,Crowley,Texas 76036. I'll be looking for film on Waco Parkview,Dallas Winston,Irving Stonegate,and Weatherford Christian.You can send it attention Coach Rodricks.I must say I commend your confidence or is it cockyness? None the less I wish you the best of luck on your quest fot that State Title.As for a picture of Your State rings,I'm sure the 2007 Patriots were sizing their rings,also the 2001 Rams(Greatest show on turf),and let's not forget the 1968 Baltimore Colts. But you guys over there west of the metroplex are different,and destiny cannot be stopped right? Good luck!

Coach Brian Rodricks
Nazarene Christian Academy
Dang yall going off on here... I said it first.. not to count out high point because they did knock off the DEFENDING state champions arlington st.paul.. a team that beat azle 95-55 last year but i heard azle is good this year and i said they were the favorites earlier until i saw high point play against Tyler street .. high point lost to Tyler street by 8 points! so i really think azle or highpoint will be ordering rings this year!
WOW !!! This is the place where we are encouraged to post our opinions right ?
Azle has 18 kids that love to mix it up on the field. Every one of them like to "take it to" opposing players. Not enough has been said here about the way these Crusaders to a man, Block and Tackle. The more "teamed up" they become. The more bad news for their opponents.
It is what it is.
First off there Jr. you guys do have a good team or should say a great player #3. Take him out no problem. He is the team you cant run without him.
Second be humble that you guys have had a great year a great year beating teams 90 something to 0 and beating teams that are broken down right now and just not playing football the way it should be, yeah you guys are doing good against teams that are not doing good. You guys have the easy 2nd half so sit back read the bible a little more and enjoy.
We are talking about sports here no one has been out of line talking about other teams not being as good. Our boys are doing great we will keep lifting them up, for the other teams that are in the way sorry but we are here to win. Take number #3 away and we will throw someone else at you this is a well rounded team with alot of talent throughout. You say teams that are down? Bryson is not a team that is down and we gave them their only loss this season they have been unstoppable since. As far as Community that team was very good, but if the QB has been sick since week one then he should not be out there playing he needs to get well life is not all about football. FYI the message boards are about talking football and lifting our boys up, building confidence, and having faith in our teams ability to win football games and become greater men in the end. This is not a sin for all of the hypocrites trying to throw people under the bus for being confident in their team and schools ability to give their all I'll keep you in my prayers. Good luck to all of the teams and their remaining schedules stay healthy
Azle is 5-0 and very fast. Somebody will have to beat them or they will win a state championship. Sick or not, 7 or 15 players, 3 fumbles and 3 picks will get you beat every time. Just my two cents and I had a good seat for that game. Good luck to Azle.
#3 - Kullen Brewer is by no means the whole Azle running game. Take him away and there are a few others that can score on any play from anywhere on the field. Azle has very good running backs that are playing defense almost exclusively. this is the first year in this league for several of these azle kids. ( at least 4 starters ) I am not opposed to Azle Christian playing in a different league next year, but this year, its this league. sorry bout your bad luck.