AT&T time allotted.


Six-man master
So this will never happen but it would be fun to see.
AT&T and UIL have time set for each game as we all know. So I say if the time is already allocated then we should take advantage. So if the two State Champs win early. Then both Winners jump out there and play the grand championship game while we have the allocated time. Sure would settle some differences of opinions on here. Lol
Seriously though safe travels for all that are going up today and tomorrow to Arlington. Also prayers for injury free football games. Good luck to all.
Busy this morning and evening. I unfortunately won’t be able to watch or listen in to games. I can check the live score board if somebody is working it!!! Good luck to all teams playing today and the coming days and congratulations on an outstanding season. Westbrook and Benj going for the back to back ect. Gordon it’s been a good while. Oglesby first for everything, seriously congrats to them that a great feat many will never taste.

With that said. Give me the mustangs to carry on what they have all season Oglesby just doesn’t have enough horses to keep up with the mustangs.

Give me the Horns. It’s time Matlock sees a new foe across the distance in Reed. Horns put the foot down. Enough is enough. I do expect it to be a battle I just think the Horns will pull this out.

Best part who cares what I think! Good luck everyone
This is shaping up to be a great game so far. Really thought it would be a defensive struggle but not the case as of this point.