Another Interference Question


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Forward pass, ARM is hit by the defense, not the ball, safety crashes through receiver before ball gets to him, resulting in an incomplete pass. Side ref calls interference, back judge says no, since his arm was hit all interference was off. We argued, but to no avail.


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QB arm being hit has no impact to a DPI rule. How does a BJ know if the QB arm was hit? He should not.

Does the B player hit the A players and play through his back early? If so DPI.
If contact is bang bang with ball arriving then we should have a no call.
Need to see it on film to be sure.

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How does a BJ know if the QB arm was hit? He should not.
That's what concerns me about this and the other question posted by LacyWolf about the forward pass behind the line of scrimmage. Both of them involve a BJ watching the backfield. Especially on this one where he had a reciever 15 yds down field that he should have been keying.


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Unless he is calling the referee "back judge". Even then we have a rules knowledge issue. Could be a communication issue as well. If the crew felt the hit arm also tipped the ball etc. Always hard to elaborate on DPI calls unless you have film.