Alumni games


Six-man pro
About 15 years ago there was several games set up with alumni only in 11 man. Has any six man teams done this. It was pretty fun watching and playing in those games back then, might be fun to see some folks who talk the talk on here go out and show us they can walk the walk as well. The team I was on even had a 70 something guy suit up lol he didn’t play much.
There are always more injuries in the alumni games. Most of the players have gotten heavier and not in good condition.

I know Jared Hicks broke his collarbone from a shoulder to shoulder collision in that game. Jared was in great condition, only about 50 pounds heavier than his high school playing weight. Tyler Ethridge was in great condition considering his time off. Denim Reeves was just as fast and shifty as ever.