AH Mules


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Granger, I havent heard much about the Mighty Mules lately. I know they graduated a lot of kids but heard they have suprised a few folks this year. What are the prospects for post-district?
Amazingly, I do not know. As an alum who grew up in the era of never winning a game (0-10 my freshman year, 1-9 my senior year), much less attending the playoffs, I have shallow expectations. I mean I never thought they would win a state championship in my lifetime. I thought the semifinal appearance a few years back would have been as far as they could go.

I think the offense they run will always make things interesting. They are extremely well coached. To go on a run like last season takes the right combination of athletes and luck.
I know what you mean about "shallow expectations" for your alma mater.
The closest mine could theoritically have been ended several years ago when a young coach replaced Hal Wasson (presently at Southlake). He took us to the playoffs several years but some of the powers that be decided he didn't have what it took to win the big ones. Turned out he went on to be a pretty fair head coach. His sons developed into some decent players also.
His name is Brad McCoy; you might have heard of his oldest son, Colt.
I do believe that the Mules will continue to surprise people. expectations were low after last years state championship run but the Mules seem to have re-loaded well. Only 1 non-district loss ( georgetown, 5-a). Keep on kickin' mules
Rolling along... beat Boerne last week, crushed Kennedy (the first school I ever taught at) last night 31-0 (despite 17 penalties for 155 yards, better get a hold of that Coach Byrd)... play a big one against Tivy next week.
One other thing, the schools that interviewed Byrd last season and didn't take him were all idiots. He (Don Byrd) is an incredible coach and great guy. I hope he retires a Mule.
Granger, when did you teach at Kennedy? That also was my son's mother's 1st teaching job. But she stayed there from 99-05, I think. Kennedy is terrible at football.

Alamo Heights is having a better year than Clemens and Boerne. They may not make it back to state, but should make it past the 2nd round.
I also had my first job at JFK 96 - 99 before working at Alamo Heights, but as Granger is loathe to admit, I am much younger than he is ...

Small world
I taught at Kennedy in 89-90, then they eliminated my position, so I went down the street to Edgewood 90-91. I was at AH (student 71-83, teaching from 96- Dec 98 ). I went to Trinity mid-year to take over as SID.