About the game......


11-man fan
Enough talk about filming issues and what went wrong for Pine Drive. We have a very intriguing matchup between two good looking teams.

Happy Hill has a flashy and FAST team. Freddy has an efficient, pound on you mentality.

Happy Hill has given up 106 points in the playoffs, Freddy 34.

Special teams, especially extra points, will be critical.

Happy Hill is the Cinderella of 2011. Freddy is back after a couple of off years.

If there's rain Saturday night, who does it favor?

Rained a bit in second quarter, but I don't think rain was a significant factor. Field was in pretty decent condition, especially considering the weather and that a game was played on it the previous week (ACHS/Bracken).

Happy Hill scored on three broken plays. Often, the Heritage defense forced Happy Hill back about 15 yards to work hard, move 18 or 20 yards -- but net only a 3-5 yard gain. The Pioneers did score on their first possession to go up 6-0. Heritage added enough to jump out to a 30-6 lead early in the 2nd quarter and the question was when the game would end.

Heritage ran a couple offensive sets with their underclassmen in the third quarter, or else the game would have been done soon after halftime.

Congrats to the Eagles. This is their fifth championship in eight years, which in my book puts them in the "dynasty" category with El Paso Jesus Chapel, Midland Christian, Austin Regents, and Greenville Christian.

And congrats to the Pioneers. I didn't think they'd make it past the second or third round. A lot of us have already packed up the gear and they were still playing football in December.
I have to agree with everything lifegate said. Freddy was a machine, except for two long runs by a very shifty and quick #44 for Happy Hill. For their third score, HH did make a drive on a short field.

I was highly impressed with the disciplined and methodical approach Freddy took. They took care of business by pounding the ball on offense even when HH stacked 5 players on the LOS. No trickery, not much passing, just basic fundamental smash-mouth football. Defensively, it looked like Freddy sent just the right amount of pressure and used the sideline to their advantage. All in all, dominating.

You have to give props to Happy Hill. Looking back through the posts for the year, just about no one even had them on the radar. They beat some highly touted teams in their playoff run, and rightly so. They have three VERY speedy ball handlers, #2, #6, & #44. Coach Tercero had them in a scheme that utilized their strenghts and stretched defenses. They played with a lot of class and kept fighting until the end.

I'd say Freddy's experience at the State game and their disciplined approach is what got them the State Championship.
I did have a little laugh when Shipman's first offensive play set up in a spread formation ... they shifted to their tight set before the snap.

Reminded me that among the shortest books ever written was "My Experience Running the Six-Man Spread Offense," by Tim Shipman.