Abilene High Eagles


11-man fan
53 years is a long time to wait for a State Championship. I was 5 the last time the Eagles won one back in 1956. I had season tickets to Abilene High for many many years before I repented and came back to watching Six-Man.

Congratulations to Abilene High and to all Eagle fans past present and future.

Don Hardin
I watched a little bit of AHS/Katy and Trinity/Westlake on FSN, mostly muted but I did watch a little. I made sure to watch the very end of the game when AHS was for sure going to win for two reasons. First being I wanted to watch local HS football history be made, and the other was to see the emotion in Steve Warren. Those 5A coaches don't show true emotion very much and again he tried not to show any but couldn't help it. Congrats to the Eagles, wish it would have been Cooper (alittle bias, I really like there Coach, top of the line guy) but I'll take it.

Also is it just me or does anyone have a hard time watching 11man HS Football? I could watch NFL all day and even a little college but I just can't do it.
SavannahSixManFan":1s0uh9ov said:
HighwayRobbery, theres just not enough scoring is there?

Maybe its just me and my bad eye sight but I can't tell what's going on, like in the NFL/College they have better camera angels or something. Most of the time they just hand the ball off to a back and he gets like 2 yards, I think I would enjoy it more if I could see what's going on. I think sixman is a better game but I do enjoy 11man, it may have more to do with I know the players better in the pros than in HS. There are only a handful of teams I care about enough in 11man to go watch but I try to keep up with it.
Congratulations on your win! I was in academy getting updates on the cowboy game and kept overhearing the score from other customers. Always good to hear the eagles are doin good.