2023 Texas Private School All Star Game


Six-man fan
Greetings to All,
I hope and pray your seasons are going great. We are at that time of the year to start planning the Texas Private School All-Star Game for this year.
If any other coaches out there have the desire to help on the North, inform Coach Earhart at [email protected], and if interested in coaching on the South, contact Coach Stredic at [email protected]. The plan for this year's game is to be played in the North, Dec 9th.
Senior Player applications will be out next week.
Texas Private Schools All Star Application
Greetings to all: We are getting ready for the 2023 Texas Private School All-Star game.

The information sheet, and Athlete application for this year's All-Star game is below. The game is open for seniors only. Please read the entire application, if interested. Please remember this is a senior only event. Application Due Nov 3rd

Texas Private School Six Man Football All Star Game 2023
Informational Sheet
Date: December 9, 2023
Events: Game Location Nazarene Christian Academy
2001 E. Main St.
Crowley, TX 76036
Jersey Presentation 10:00am
Combine 11:30am-12:30pm
Kick-Off at 3pm

North Practice Location TBA
Dates Dec 4,5,7,8 Times TBA
South Practice Location TBA
Dates: TBA
Cost for players: $65 (Make Checks out to Jesse Erhart)
T-Shirts will be for sale at the jersey presentation and during the game. We will probably sell out, so please buy them early.
Gate Fee is: $10 Adult tickets $5 Student tickets (Children 12 and under are free) (League passes are not accepted)
There will be an award ceremony immediately after the game.
IMPORTANT: There will be seating is at the venue.

2023Texas Private School Six-Man Football All Star
Athlete Application 2023
Athlete Name _______________________________________________
School: _____________________________________________________
Athlete Cell:________________________________________
Parent Cell(s):____________________________________________________________
Offensive Position: ____________________
Defensive Position:____________________
Do prefer offense or defense:_____________________
Are you a kicker? ______________ Are you a punter? ___________
Jersey Size: __________________ (Please Spell the whole word Example: Adult Large)
By signing below you agree to act in manner that would honor your school, your coaches, your opponent, and yourself throughout the entire event. You also agree to attend at least two practices set by the coach of your all-star team.
Athlete Signature:_______________________________________
Parent Signature:_______________________________________
I agree with the way this athlete has conducted himself as a football player. I would like to recommend this athlete for 2023 all-star game.
Coach Signature: ___________________________________________
Please attach any relevant stats and submit to the following: (Due November 1)
North submit to [email protected]
South submit to: [email protected]