2021 Round 1 Playoffs Pick-Em


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Happy over Valley by 1
Westbrook over Sterling City by 25
Abbott over Coolidge by 45
May over Water Valley by 20


Klondike over Anton by 1
Motley County over Jayton by 30
Strawn over Gordon by 44
Richland Springs over Oakwood by 45


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Only 16 of us have picked all three rounds. I'm interested in seeing how this plays out.
Thanks for keeping results. We all look so forward to each weeks games and this just adds to the fun. Fortunately the hardest round to pick was this last week quarter-finals. I should have clear sailing to hold that 1 spot now. 😉😁


Go Coyotes!
Planning to attend the RS / Strawn game. Going to be a tough game for both teams, I believe. Go Coyotes.

Best of luck to all teams and congrats for getting to this point.