2019 D1 State Champions


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The Mighty Milford Bulldogs!

Watching the game Friday I was VERY impressed by my bulldogs , (and Strawn). Everyone knows that’s Ricky Pendleton and Tyvon Gates sat out due to injury, but the bulldogs that took the field played with so much heart and determination. Defense has been the knock on Milford the last 10 years? These boys held Strawn to 14 points in the first half. Damyan Woodward started his first ever game at spreadback and made plays! JaSean Brooks has played center for the last three years and know he’s playing center , WR, RB, DT, DE , at 6’1 270 he is a freak of an athlete! Coaching really impressed, went in short handed, lost even more soldiers during the game and was 1 or 2 big plays away from beating Strawn when NOBODY outside of Milford gave them a shot.

Milford will get healthy before the playoffs, and when they do look out! I’ll take our starting 6 , our reserves, our coaching staff, and our fan base over ANY 1A school in the state. 2019 is the year of the Milford Bulldogs.
Hes back lol we should all be proud of our kids and school. But be realistic and maybe just a little humility to go with it!!! I remember that's what you said last year day after day and honestly got beat pretty bad..
I did say this last ... and I personally feel as though we were 1 quater away from a state championship. These last few years we’ve been SO close. We’re building it brick by brick and I think this years team is in the drivers seat for a state championship! I guess we’ll all see soon huh?
No disrespect at all but yall were definitely the closest 30 point loss against McLean all year. But come on they dominated yall from start to finish.
It was also stated Milford would win state in basketball and dominate at the state track meet. Basketball laid an egg and got blown out in round one and track sent one competitor.

But it is a new year for football and I think Milford is right in the mix and must be taken serious. It appears injuries will dictate the season for not only Milford but several other contenders as well. I'm not sure I understand the logic that Milford was one quarter away from winning the championship game. Milford was beat by 30. The reason both teams gave up so many points (100-70) is both were gassed. But at the end of the game it was apparent McLean had more gas left in the tank along with a player or two more waiting to provide a little refill. We can only guess but it's my opinion if another quarter had been played McLean would have 45'd Milford rather than Milford reduce the defeat margin.

I'm not sure how much more we will know in the upcoming weeks. It will be interesting to see how White Deer rebounds against Milford this week. Otherwise, most of the real contenders have played through their more difficult games and an easier district schedule will set their way into playoffs. Again, it's all going to hinge on injuries to key players and a teams ability to heal in time for a playoff run.
Every team has to have some hardcore supporters and none better than Insider. Each and every team starts the season with those high dreams and expectations only to see them come crashing down with one critical injury one bad officials call or undisciplined athlete whose ego gets best of him. Talent alone coaching alone or support alone WONT win anything. It a strong combination of of all three that spell championship. For so many years you can say “it’s our year” and realize that at some point in a game it’s not gonna be your year! Reality sets in and the old adage we going in bb and track and it fizzled and then “just wait till next year got new bricks and mortar! Best of luck to all the teams but let’s keep expectations and reality in view
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Has a team ever been preseason #1 and not made the playoffs?
I can see it happening this year in Milford’s district . They went from being my pick to state to not even making it out
No making the playoffs?
What other team can lose their qb and running back then lose another receiver and o lineman during the game and stay within 16 points of the number one team and 2 time state champs?
Most should be healthy in a couple of weeks, don’t worry about Milford, they will make the playoffs.
Milford loses one game (to freaking STRAWN) and now it’s ridiculous to say they will win???!

Keep doubting these boys all you want... you’ll all see very soon.
If Milford is healthy vs Avalon Milford will destroy em . Avalon will probably be 9-0 when they meet Milford . Can Milford stop that kind of hype ? With out injury’s ? I’m not bashing Milford at all . I would love if they won state ! They been good for years it would be nice to see them get one !
Milford will make the playoffs as the district has no competition except Avalon. Coolidge is way down so Milford will make playoffs with its subs if injuries keep happening. After that anything can happen. There are sleepers out there just waiting to take a bite outta someone. Hope that Milford gets back to full strength so there are NO excuses.
Right now, I think Balmoreah is the team to beat. Followed by Milford, then McLean. I just don’t think McLean is going to mature enough to get through a post season gauntlet. I think they’ll beat White Deer, and then they’ll just hope the Crockett show takes em down the road. And it may. That kid is a freak. Legitimate D2 talent right now. Most six man kids I see that are standouts are really athletic but not position players in 11 man. I thought Taron suffered from that last year. Great athlete, but didn’t fit anywhere specific in a scheme. Crockett doesn’t have that issue. If he plays college ball, RB probably won’t be in his future but you could develop him into a LB with some ease I think. He’s got the build.