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    Richland Springs vs Calvert

    A few years ago no one thought they had a chance against Borden County when they met in Strawn. Borden was in the middle of a winning streak and found out that they were not in shape and had a hard time with Calvert's speed. Calvert beat them at the end. Calvert has always been one of those...
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    Richland Springs vs Calvert

    Calvert is well coached and will make a game of it. RS hasn't really been test much, playing mostly weak teams.
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    Coaching Carousel

    Well said.
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    What's the return of Burkhart 'worth' RS?

    UIL needs to clean up RS recruiting, it teaches kids that it is ok to cheat , if it means winning. RS is damaging HS sports, student athletes, and UIL should be ashamed when they look the other way. What is Burkhart worth, nothing when it comes to teaching life lessons about honour, and honesty...
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    Zephyr Vs. Jonesboro

    New coach in Zephyr, they lost a long term really quality coach. Coaching makes all the difference.
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    Does Six-Man Need Richland Springs to win its 9th Title?

    UIL needs to get serious about enforcing recruiting rules. When students see schools cheating or badly twisting the rules it sets a really bad example that will carry the rest of their lives. Ether make recruiting legal or hammer those schools that violate the rules. Those that cheat and twist...
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    For those that have never read or play lose with the UIL rules or plain cheat on recruiting here is a link Read Subchapter M. ELIGIBILITY Section 443: CHANGING SCHOOLS FOR ATHLETIC PURPOSES This is one nasty swamp that needs cleaning up...
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    Can someone explain what the heck happened in the Calvert-BC

    Back 40 years ago in 11 man we started every practice running 2 miles which took less than 15 min to increase endurance in big games. Being a little tired better showed weaknesses that could be worked on. This wasn't the only kind of conditioning that we did by far, but an important part. I...
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    2016 Gorman Panthers..1A 1 Region III District 11.

    Not for sure, but I heard that there was a JH girl injured behind the stands in a rough housing event, had a possible concussion and was having vision problems. Didnt hear about a player.
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    Can someone explain what the heck happened in the Calvert-BC

    I was at the game and BC had superior team in almost every area, but they were in poor condition for the long haul. You could see them slowing down as the game progressed. I doubt that they have a XC program or this wouldn’t of happened. If they had run three miles before practice once a week...
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    How can you away from mobile phone tracking?

    You need a Faraday cage or Faraday wallet, ck Amazon, or get a small burned out microwave put in trunk of car put phone inside
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    still need a teacher

    This year there will be over 2000 teaching positions that wont be filled in Texas. The numbers for the next several years show the shortage getting much worst. Esp in math, science and tech. Schools may have to treat teachers better and open their check books to get and keep teachers.
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    End of oil boom effect?

    Anyone care to speculate how many schools will go six man over the next couple realignments as it appears that the west Texas oil boom is in full retreat. If the sanctions on Iran are lifted, some in the know say we could see oil in the 30s a barrel range. When the oil field workers exit, the...
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    Coolidge. Job openings

    Wasn't Coolidge the school that was on that goofy year round school year or am I thinking of somewhere else?
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    Current head coach openings

    May/June Official Notices By | Wednesday, June 17, 2015 8:03 AM Calvert ISD/Calvert High School – The State Executive Committee voted to issue Calvert High School and Coach Marcus Wortham three years probation and a public reprimand for violations of rules requiring submission of eligibility...