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    MVP player of 2022 so far?

    Watch out for Fossett kid from Oglesby!! He’s just sophomore and is something to see, pretty much scores at will.
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    2018 Top Performers -- after week 1

    Couldn't get in site on wed. Nick Norrell of Oglesby had 204 yards, 1 touchdown and had 6 tackles to lead def. he was Gatesville messenger player of week.
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    Defense Wins Championships

    If Milford stays healthy, they will win the State Championship by a shut out.
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    Top Performers in week 10

    Jose Mata's stats were not in there either that I saw. He 7-10 271 yards 5 touchdown, 3 Norrell, 1 Bowers, 1 Carson Shaw. He also had 6 carries for 100 yards 3 rushing touchdowns.
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    Top Performers in week 10

    Nick Norrell 3 other touchdowns. 41 yard pass from Mata 10 yard pass from Mata, 8 yard pass from mata
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    Top Performers in week 10

    Nick Norrell also scored 4 touchdowns, 3 on offense, 1 on defense. 109 yards receiving.
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    Milford's Smith Named Week 10 Player of the Week

    Nick Norrell Oglesby, scored 3 offensive and 1 defensive touchdown in Tigers 74-25 win over Prairie Lea. Norrell had 109 yards receiving including a 50 yard reception, from deep in their own end zone to set up big first down. Norrell led def with 12 tackles including 3 sacs for losses, and...
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    Top Performers in week 6

    Nick Norrell Oglesby, 3 catches, 1 touchdown 63 yards, Def 13 tackles vs Cransfill Gap.
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    Top Performers in week 6

    This was a varsity game, we were scheduledo to play Gustine but they cancelled earlier in year Jonesboro JV was only team we could find to fill slot.
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    Top Performers in week 6

    Nick Norrell from oglesby wasn't included I posted a reply. Nick had 5 catches 116 yards including 68 yard touchdown catch. In defense he had 18 tackles and fumble recovery, for week 6 vs Jonesboro JV
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    Edgemon Week 6 Player of the Week

    Nick Norrell, Oglesby, in losing effort to Jonesboro JV, nick had 18 tackles, 116 yards receiving, 65 yard touchdown reception, 1 fumble recovery, 4/5 on PAT's
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    Players to Watch in 2017: D2 Edition

    Nick Norrell, is a kid to watch in 2017. A big kid 6'2 185, Jr from Oglesby. He's was 1st Team All District off and def, and honorable Super Centex as Soph in football, and 1st Team All District in basketball and All Region as Soph as well as honorable mention as freshman. He has great hands...
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    August 4 -- Name a player we should look out for this season

    Nick Norrell, Oglesby, Jr. 6'2 185, 1st team All District, Off and Def, Hon Ment Super Centex, 88 solo tackles def, as Soph. Great hands, Basketball 1st Team All District, All Region, Soph. 3.6GPA.