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    Petersburg 98 Azle Christian 50 Final
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    Week One

    I noticed this is a private school thread, but since some public school games were listed, I’ll join the party for a moment. Strawn vs Borden County interests me. May @ Richland Springs can be a dang good one!
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    Coaching Carousel

    Well are they good? Because judging on how Valley did last year they might just be good for depth or special teams in RS. They could be young I’d also guess.
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    Coaching Carousel

    Dusty Grantham is the new HC of Southland. He was previously the DC at Anton last year.
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    Coaching Carousel

    Brian Sepkowitz is the new head football coach at Wellman-Union. He was previously the defensive coordinator at New Home. This is a little bit older news but I didn’t see it posted on the thread. Isiah Archer is the new head football coach at Lorenzo. He was previously the HC at Southland the...
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    Coaching Carousel

    Man, are things gettin’ a little heated in RS or what? Let me go grab my popcorn and I’ll be right back...
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    Coaching Carousel

    Three coaching moves took place this week per Pete Christy: Meadow has decided to make Steven Gray their new AD/HC. Gray was their defensive coordinator the past season. O’Donnell has hired former New Home head football coach, Fernando Baeza, as their new head football coach. Valley has...
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    Coaching Carousel

    In an interview with KCBD, Hopper said it was a family decision to relocate to the Hill Country because his wife was hired for a great job. No word about his next coaching gig just yet.
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    Coaching Carousel

    Brandon Hopper has resigned from Meadow ISD. Meadow may have an opening unless they fill within.
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    Who would like to see Strawn vs McClean play again

    Lmao!! Who hurt all about the truth’s feelings?? Someone asked who would win and the McLean faithful are obviously sticking with their team just as you are. What else are they supposed to do?
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    Strawn vs. Follett

    Congratulations, Strawn!! Great performance and now you are back to back state champions! Congratulations to Follett for making it this far. A majority of people knew this would be extremely tough, but you did make it to the big stage. Now time for the better state matchup!
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    State Game Previews

    Leman, you’ve done a fantastic job with your game previews throughout the season and I have always looked forward to them! I’ve always been amazed by your Sixman knowledge, as well as Granger. I’m excited for the games Wednesday and I sure hope the teams put on a show! Praying for safe travels...
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    The Fire

    Just had time to read the entire article and man, what courageous people they all were. Words can’t express what I am feeling, but I pray everyone has healed all they could and that no one has to endure such a tragedy.
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    Mary Hardin Baylor wins D3 National Champions’

    Jayton Smith from Valley plays for UMHB as well.
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    Milford v McLean for the gold ball

    I’ll respectfully disagree and say McLean would win again, but it would definitely be a closer margin. I was able to see both teams play once more after the week one matchup.