Zach White — Coach of The Year !!!


Six-man fan
Mark my words !!!! Cherokee has always had great kids in all sports . We have came up short plenty of times in the past . Since Coach Maddox retired back in 1999 we have had 10 to 15 coaches trying to fill his shoes . We have a keeper now and he will stay in Cherokee and bring us back on top . Thank you Coach White; I’m your Biggest Fan !!!
Most of us in De Leon were very sad to lose him!
Cherokee needed a Coach who takes the time to coach and teach young boys into young man !! Everyone in Cherokee knows how Lucky we were to get him here . Beautiful Family and great values . 15 days from now the 6-man fan base will jump on the wagon . We have turn the page and our future looks bright. Let’s Go !!!!
Like I said before Coach White should win Coach of the Year as I stated after week One . Tonight proves once again why I started this post …
Coach White has done more overall to the upside then any other coach has this year . Coach Holt has done a great job as well . Not trying to downplay any of the Coach’s this year . It’s been a great year for 6-man Football . Coach White should walk away with it .
Have they announced the Coach of the Year?

If not my vote goes to Coach Matlock Westbrook. He has taken a program that was average at best. In 7 or 8 years he has 3 trips into the final 8 and 2 trips into the final 4 and 1 state title. Trying to win his 2nd state title

Hands down Coach of the Year. Did I mention the strength of schedule he has had over the last 4 or 5 years. He is doing great things for Westbrook Athletics on and off the field.