Why you have a "get-back" coach... with video


Today's lesson ... Why do we have a "get-back" coach?

From 9/21 crowded field game between SA O'Connor and SA Brandeis.

O'Connor kicks a field goal with 8 seconds left to take a 10-9 lead.

Brandeis has one play left, a Hail Mary. O'Connor players think the play is dead and head out on the field to celebrate.

But the play isn't dead. And O'Connor is flagged for a sideline violation, 15 yards. (This is big time 4A/5A UIL football, the ref gets a mic.)

Takes the ball down to the O'Connor 26 (39 yard gain plus 15 yard penalty). Time is expired, but Brandeis gets one play.

And kicks a field goal... final 12-10 Brandeis.

Class dismissed.