whos good this year?

Don't throw Lorenzo in tha mix with those othere 2 teams. Nazareth and Paducah both have something Lorenzo does not have in the past few years: A state appearance. Lorenzo will find some way to screw things up come late Febuary. After all only 3 things are certain in life: taxes, death, and a Lorenzo collapse in the postseason.
::Looking at the new state rankings in Basketball:: "Well look at that; Lorenzo is #1"<P>Someone didn't watch Lorenzo summer league. I agree that Naz and Paducah are good, although I'm trying to recall how much Lorenzo beat Naz in summer league....was it 30 or 40 points??? I can't remember. (Not discrediting Naz last year for thier state championship with Mike, but he's in Canyon now)<P>This is Lorenzo's year. I'll remind you of that when the playoffs start.
I wouldn't hang my hat on what I saw in summer league. Naz graduated alot of talent and will have a "down year" for them. Happy should have a good team this year. see ya at regionals.
The Happy Cowboys should have a great team they have some good boys. If they play like a team as they are doing in football it should be a great year for them. The Cowgirls will have a rebuilding year this year. They lost a lot to graduation. Good Luck to both teams!
If I remember correctly Lorenzo has been #1 before and not been to state. You guys run your mouth every year, and go home early every year. It will be between Lorenzo, Nazareth and Happy. Somehow I don't think it will be Lorenzo. I'll remind you of that when you get bounced early.
Look out for Meadow, they could be the cinderella team. I got to watch them play summer league. They have tranfer from Brownfield that played JV last year. He fits in with returners from last year and they play well toghether.
At state you get seeded based on your record. So the team with the best winning percentage plays the tea with the worse. Although this does not mean a lot, due to differences in pre-season scheduling.
crawford....I know its not the playoffs yet and we know not what Lorenzo will do there, but they have beat 2A #2 Shallowater, 2A #6 Abernathy, 2A # 12 Floydada, Lipan by 32, and Nazareth by 10. Could you give them some props on being decent this year. A new season starts this week, district, and we will see how they do then. But will you agree they might be pretty good this year?