WHOOP(s) Coach Fran

Lots of issues here. May really be the end for Fran regardless of record.

1. HIPPA issues (released confidential student info)
2. throwing certain players under the bus
3. Byrne didn't know about it
4. personally collecting the money (probably outside school outside income policies--remember the Gustufson fiasco at UT, so schools try to stay away from this now)
5. Not reporting the money (Byrne did know about this, so this is probably correct to assume)
6. quoted as saying 'controversial', but still did it.... hmmm, not smart.

They had to stop because I am sure that the paper was doing a Freedom of Information request. Can't wait until they publish these to see what he said.
Fran is an idiot. he should be fired. the only reason he is still there is b/c of their win against texas last year. i hate a&m with a passion but they need a better coach. a&m has gotten to scheduling push over teams in non conference play to get wins. the miami game last week was the biggest non-conference game a&m has played since fran took over.
hogcaller10":79dmkoyh said:
I can't believe that anybody would pay that much for "inside info"! :?

I guess that's aggies for ya! :wink:

Another proof all them Aggie jokes are really true stories.