Who has the worst and best fields in division II?

Red Baron

11-man fan
With the playoffs about to begin, who do you think has the worst and best feilds to play on in divsion II? We've played on some pretty crummy fields but also played on some pretty awesome fields. Would like to hear your opinions on this matter.
They aren't in tapps but it maybe a neutral site for a playoff game depends on who's playing but Glenview Christian School in Fort Worth, they are in TCAF but they have lights, press box, scoreboard, concession stands, locker rooms, and some good Christian people. The bad thing about the field it gets muddy when it gets humid because it's on a slight hill but in november it wouldn't be muddy more cold ha.
I am so thankful to the city of Brenham for Holt Park, and this year for the BISD putting in a super field for the public schools which gave us the use of the nicest field in the park for every game. I cant keep my shoes on the grass is so nice.,
As for playoffs, for the last several years we play at the school in Waco. Its a good field. The name escapes me. I know D1 and D2 use that field.
We played at Brownwood Victory a couple weeks ago and they had a great field. With great scoreboard, play clock, and plenty of bleacher room. Happy Hill for all their money could have a better field, I would say it was middle of the pack, really worn out in the middle, with sprinkler heads very visible. Waco Parkview has a good field as well, as for the south teams, I don't know much about them.
Denton Calvary plays on Denton Highschool's newly turfed stadium, which has some of the best facilities for any 4A public school in the area, so I believe they have the best field.
Bulls10, I would rather play in a smaller stadium then a large high school stadium. A large place always looks empty when small schools play in thm. Then when they have to put temp. lindes down the field looks father a way. 6man should be played on grass, in a smallplace with 1 concession stand where folks have to wait in line where they socialize. They do need a scoreboard and clock, I hate to go to games in Parks where a lot of time they don,t have clocks are scoreboards. Part of the fun for me is watching the coach run his team when time is short and at times he is trying not to get 45 are is trying to get the game over by 45ing thee other team.