Who has the better athletes and coaches?

Red Baron

11-man fan
After attending the All-star game, which was a pretty good game. I have to say, after hearing several people on this forum talking about the better schools and coaches being in the south, you couldn't convince me of that after the All-Star game. The north came out on fire, excited and pumped for the game, they looked like the more dominant squad, from the coaches to the players. The south on the other hand, I was a little disappointed with their performance fro the players to the coaches. I thought it would be alot closer of a game than it was, but it definitely looked like the north was far more prepared and ready than did the south. Just my opinion, I would love to hear others opinions about this game as well!
You are 100% right on your observations. The north was a better team and better coached for the victory. But consider that the North, team and the coaches, had a bit more time to prepare, South coaching staff were preparing to win state the week before. Also I would say that the masses of talent from the Brenham team were more motivated to stay healthy then win the game. Man but there was some talent out there, a 43 yard field goal, I don't care whos side your on, you cheer for that. #7 is quite the athlete, that delayed shovel was a great play. And #5 on the South from Marble Falls was a player, I think he caught for a TD and was cleaning clocks. There was one play, a sweep right going away from the score board where he leveled his first block then picked up a second to break the runner for a TD.

I don't know that the game is needed. Getting kids to the practices hours away, the cost involved (which we were reminded of again and again at the game). Maybe an All-Star dinner and a trip to the UIL championship game as a "field trip".