What's your best video?

I'm going to try to introduce a group of people to sixman football. The bad news is it's April. The good news is, it's an internet community so videos would be an easy way to share the game. I can talk (or type as the case may be) about it all day long, but y'all know as well as I do, the best way to fall in love with sixman football is to see some. So I come to you, the most knowledgeable and passionate sixman fans, for help. Let's see your best videos of sixman football. Individual highlights, season highlights, team hype videos, anything you've got. Help me spread the news of this great game.


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^^^--the above videos---^^^

THE TANK (pitkin), did he go to any college.
MR. DO IT ALL - Ben, he was a special kind of talent that's rare in private schools. HE WAS SPECIAL.
Whodini - Pedro, he's here and then he's gone. Was hard to grab hold of.

Those were some VERY GOOD times to be a LIVING STONES LION FAN
and a supporter of COACH TYLER SANDERS.
You did and always has done a fantastic job.

Good luck to you at Orange Community Christian.
I'll be sitting on your side in Zephyr AT THE STATE GAME